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Our Story

City Girl marries Farm Boy and turns his 200 acre hay farm into her own "backyard garden".

Farmer Steve began farming at age 8.  His first crop was turnips which he hand seeded, watered and weeded every day and finally hauled them into town on his little red wagon.  After many years as a stock broker at Alex Brown in Baltimore and a few years living in Washington, DC, he returned to the family farm and began getting his hands dirty once again.

Farmer Steve grew corn, alfalfa, and produced hay and straw.  A few years later, he met a nice city girl named Anita. They married, had a daughter and Farmer Steve moved them out to the country. Talk about a fish out of water..... have you ever watched Green Acres?!?!   Anita kissed her loafers goodbye and traded them for a pair of muddy muck boots. 

Although Anita rarely kept a house plant alive...she decided it might be fun to have a little backyard garden.   Yes - "a little backyard garden" were her exact words.  

Farmer Steve who is not known for doing anything SMALL.... jumped on his tractor and tilled up a nice piece of dirt for Anita.  That little piece of dirt was a 1/2 acre...larger than Anita's back yard growing up. Feeling a bit overwhelmed...Anita pulled up her boot straps, and headed to Home Depot.  She purchased 5 tomato plants, 2 pepper plants, a few other vegetables and got busy planting.  Much to her surprise....Everything grew!!!  With their daughter in tow, Farmer Steve & Anita set up shop at a few local Farmers Markets and began selling their farm fresh produce.

Fast forward one year.... the 1/2 acre garden was just too small so Anita took over 25 acres of Farmer Steve's hay field.  Five tomato plants turned into 2,000 tomato plants. Two pepper plants turned into 1,000 plants. You get the picture.  Big White Barn Produce was born and has been growing ever since.