Workplace CSA

Workplace CSA

Big White Barn Produce will continue our Workplace CSA Program this year.


As in the past, we work with local businesses and institutions whereby we deliver produce directly to your workplace.  A brief testimonial from one of our clients is listed below.


Each week, employees receive a box containing fresh produce, fruits and herbs, as described under the "CSA Information" tab.


The benefit for the company is a no cost way of encouraging healthy eating for employees.  Healthy employees generally spend more time at work. :)


We ask that a minimum subscription of 15 Full Shares be met.  Office coordinator receives a complimentary share.


Please contact us with any questions.  


Big White Barn Produce

(301) 874-3173



We are participating in the Workplace CSA Program with Big White Barn for the fourth straight year.  Working with Steve, Anita and the rest of the Big White Barn team has been a fantastic experience, and having delivery at the office has been extremely convenient for us.  Big White Barn has offered a wide range of high-quality produce, and participants were pleased with the amount of fruits and vegetables they have received.  The Workplace CSA Program has promoted healthy eating habits among our personnel and increased awareness about small farming in the area.  We cannot recommend the Workplace CSA Program enough.


Washington, DC